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Branding & Logo Design

Transform the tone and essence of your business into fresh unique designs to promote brand recognition and market appeal. A brand identity is a collection of all essential graphic and visual elements that capture, enhance, and convey the character of your business. It is what sets you apart from the competition. A strong visual identity is comprised of a great logo, appropriate typography, a good color palette, and fitting imagery. Put together, these elemets will positively affect people's first impression of your business and overall perception of your brand. 

Branding Columbus Oh
Brand Identity Columbus Oh
Visual Identity Upper Arlington
Brand Design Grandview Ohio

A strong, cohesive, and unique brand design that accurately presents you and your product to the world will become the very foundation of your business. Working closely with you, 22 Letter will create the essential look of your choosing to best represent your company. The design will include a logo, color palette, typography, and accompanying imagery as needed. Once created, these design elements will appear throughout all platforms to compose your signature look on all signage and marketing materials: flyers, mailers, website design, business cards, stationary, and more.

Branding Columbus Ohio
Logo Design Columbus Ohio
Branding Columbus Ohio


If your current logo, color scheme, and overall brand design feel stale and no longer represent your company's vision, mission, or character, you may want to consider rebranding. A new and improved visual brand design can refresh your operations, improve market visibility, and reignite customers' interest in your product. 

Logo Design Columbus Ohio

We're so glad we decided to use 22 Letter to re-brand our natural cosmetics product line. After relocating from Israel to Spain we figured it was time to create a new look for our company, Elat Ha'arava. We wanted a look that would compliment our products, stand out, and fit the new market and our expanding client base. Hila worked closely with us to create a beautiful new look for our products. We couldn't be happier with the results. We are now in the process of transitioning our entire line to the new design. In addition to that, we're going to hire Hila to design and build our new website/online store. Very happy with the prices and results so far!  Eilat Z.B

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